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Yemnare’ Case System

January 22, 2017

Yemnarol has 16 cases, which are:

Nominative Transitory Pangolinic Dative -hoho
Accusative -ar Permanent Pangolinic Dative -ho’o
Genitive -main Transitory Pangolinic Accusative -gal
Dative -az Pangolinic Vocative -yev
Vocative -yave Mutiverbic Nominative -ol
Locative -ze Mutiverbic Accusative -dep
Subessive -uv Mutiverbic Genitive -e’
Superessive -nag Mutiverbic Prepositional -kai

The nominative, accusative, genitive, dative, vocative, and locative function much the same as in various other languages.

The subessive and superessive are roughly equivalent to “below” and “above”, respectively.

The pangolinic cases are used when the sentence in question is connected to pangolins.

The mutiverbic cases are employed when using Yemnare’ nouns in other languages.


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