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Some Important Pangolins

January 14, 2017

Xanunol is the first pangolin, and possibly the first living being depending on how you read the sacred writings of Varenkai. He carved the Xareldep valley so he’d have somewhere to put any creatures he created without them running away.

Zefanol is the third son of Xanunkai. He created the Zefundep and taught them the Yemnardep, the speech of the pangolins. Since Yemnarol was given to the people by the pangolins, it is holy and may not be altered by mere mortals.

Varenol was not a pangolin, but was raised by them. Apparently he saved one of them from death and in exchange the was granted a wish. He wished for parents and the pangolin adopted him because he didn’t how to make humans. He later wrote a book about the pangolins which has formed the basis of the local religion ever since.

Yerenol is the soul-maker. Whenever a baby is conceived, he sends a bird to put a soul in it. The soul has a string attached to it with which Yerenol reels the soul back in at death. At the very end, when the pangolins walk openly once more, he will sort the souls and give to them as they deserve.


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