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Introduction to the Zefunkai

January 7, 2017

I and my associates have been doing some anthropological fieldwork in northeastern Thursday. We have been studying the Zefundep people who live in the Xarelkai river valley.

The Xarelol river runs from the Samemkai mountains on Thursday’s northern border down towards the city of Qual in the east. The Zefunol live in small villages of 50-100 people, typically 7-18 miles apart along both banks of the Xarelkai.

Their native religion seems to be the worship of a pantheon of linguistically pedantic pangolins. Lately missionaries from Tuesday have begun to convert some segments of the population, though there is great resistance from the priesthood. We’ll be posting more on this in the coming weeks.

Converted or not, they retain the pedantic tendencies of their deities and insist that we conjugate every quoted word properly. My apologies if seeing English written with cases is confusing, but I may be in serious danger if I don’t.

God willing we’ll be posting various sections of our research notes weekly throughout the year.


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