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Chronology of the Dragon Wars

December 29, 2016
129 PE King Stefan of Amalay convenes the League of Samaroy in response to reports of dragon agression.
130-134 PE First Dragon War
134 PE With the help of The Three Good Faries, League forces raze the dragon stronghold of Henroch, ending the war.
135 PE Council of Hell – the northern dragons agree to utterly destroy the kingdoms of the League.
136 PE Dragon thoughtweavers infiltrate Farenai and begin planting suspicions in the mind of King Stewart, slowly isolating him from the rest of the League.
138 PE Birth of Aurora, daughter of King Stefan. The dragon sorceress Maleficent reveals herself and curses the child.
147 PE The dragon Malduhir murders and subsequently impersonates Queen Dailan of Amenray
151 PE Malduhir orders the death of Snow White, only living heir to the throne.
152 PE Snow White marries a merchant from the democratic city-state of Vwyna and renounces her claim to the throne
154 PE Maleficent attempts to murder Aurora but is thwarted by The Three Good Faries. The people of Amalay and the visiting King Hubert of Samantwy are placed in an enchated sleep.
155 PE King Hubert’s son Philip defeats Maleficent in battle and is caught in the time vortex.
156 PE The dragon Oreli transforms King Hubert’s son Samuel into a hideous beast, leaving the people of Samantwy without a government.
159 PE King Stewart’s son Daniel marries a commoner and makes Farenai completely isolationist.
166 PE Prince Samuel becomes human again. Prince Philip exits the time vortex and ends the enchanted sleep. During the celebrations, the dragons of Hell arrive in force, quickly razing Amalay and Samantwy.
167 PE Malduhir reveals herself and the unprepared armies of Amenray are defeated in battle.
168-170 PE Siege of Farenai
171 PE The Three Good Faries are captured and killed. Farenai falls to the dragons. The League of Samaroy is ended.

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