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December 1, 2015

Despite the knowledge that no one reads my blog, I will be participating in Lexember here.

I intend to do it in a language which does not yet have a large enough lexicon for me to be able to name it.

What I do know about it is that it was spoken by an isolated group which no longer exists, having left few records (this may result in some slightly less “everyday” words, we’ll see). The species they were a part of also does not currently have a name, though they are tripedal and losely based on a species that my 9 year-old self termed “Oogians”.

The lexicon so far:

  • anil – wizard (I’m uncertain of the exact connotations, though)
  • ela – star
  • ere – tower
  • liril – to recount, recall
  • orin – threat
  • santo – to become aware of
  • sanu – to protect

The primary source of information about this language is derived from the tale of the 3 towers, Ailirililmon Kerevotir, the meaning of which was obtained by a time-traveling telepath, whose story I may document at some point.

ai-liril-ilmon k-ere-vo-tir

[nonfinite]-recount-[active participle*] [trial number]-tower-[concrete entity]-[definite ablative]

*could also be redundant required suffix


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  2. no one permalink

    “Despite the knowledge that no one reads my blog”

    There’s no need for the announcemet, everybody already knows I’m here.

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