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In all likelihood, nobody is watching you right now

August 20, 2014

I was recently told to “Be aware, there’s always someone watching you.” which sounds somewhat untrue to me, and I thought I would explain why.

Suppose that some secret organization is monitoring you and every other non-member every second of every day (and not monitoring their own members). If they can each monitor one person, and don’t need to sleep (or sleep whenever you sleep) then this group already comprises at least half of the worlds population. And if they are already half the world, why not just use a hostile takeover? They’re almost certain to win.

On the other hand if they work in shifts with 2 of them taking turns watching several of us (lets go with 6) then only observing outsiders would make them at least 1/4 of the global population, and if they also had people watching the watchers, they’d be up to 1/3, which is half the population of Asia, easily enough for a hostile takeover (especially if they have a largish number of operatives in the militaries of various countries, giving them the advantage, not only of our decreased military strength, but also the element of surprise (since the soldiers having their comrades turn upon them would probably not be expecting such an occurence (I for one suspect that the military has slightly fewer people of the sort who suspect everyone around them of this sort of thing)))

Then again, no organization could possibly recruit enough people to work 12 hour shifts unless they could pay them enough to make it worth not just working normal hours (eight hour shifts with 1 person watching 6 people at a time also covers half the population (unless of course they also watch their own, then it’s everyone except you)) and if they’ve got enough money to do that, why bother spying on everyone? Why not just buy their way into power and conquer the world through more conventional means?

If, however, they have computers monitoring you, they could pull it off… or simply unleash their obviously highly intellegent computers onto the internet, and from there conquer the world by any number of means, including infecting all government systems (like the ones controling the missile launchers…) or taking out all comunications systems and staging a coup before the world could recover (then invade the less affected parts).

Aliens might be watching us all. But then the question is “why?”, we probably have nothing they need and can’t get somewhere else (todo: calculate the odds of an alien being able to metabolize human food in general, and/or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches specifically) (click here for further information on reasons aliens might invade (and reasons why said reasons are slightly ridiculous)). If a secret organization is paying aliens to watch us… what could they possibly pay the aliens that the aliens can’s simply come in and take?

And one final possibility: they meant me specifically. In which case they actually could pull it off without too much dificulty (no idea why they’d want to, but they’d only need to be able to see through walls and read minds (and we already know the government can do that (I think (maybe I should double check that)))).


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